AWB BV is specialized in converting luxury cars into tax-efficient light good vehicles, from SUVs and station wagons (single cabins) and monovolumes (double cabins).

We ensure that everything runs correctly and smoothly: the entire conversion from your vehicle, according to regulations and all associated inspections. Easy, right?

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To enjoy tax benefits from light goods vehicles in Belgium, the vehicle should be equipped with a loading platform. The length of this loading platform should be minimum 50% of the wheelbase. For example: If the wheelbase is 2800cm, the length of the loading platform needs to be minimum 1400cm.


For single cabin vehicles (1 row of seats), it is sufficient to place a headboard with a minimum height of 20cm. The loading platform for these cabins are finished with raised sides, to protect the doors. They are covered with a durable carpet in the color suitable to the interior from the vehicle.

If you want to have the loading platform adapted to your profession, please let us know. The loading platform can be made with for example a storage hatch in the loading floor, a dog fence, a rubber stud carpet, a removable plate to create 2 compartments,…

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Fully customized

For double cabin vehicles, we place a full partition behind the 2nd row of seats. These are fully customized and provided with a window. This allows the original seats to be retained and there is still enough legroom to travel comfortably.

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